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135.7 - 137.8 kHz Band Plan

This is not an officially recognized band plan for the European LF allocation between 135.7 and 137.800 kHz. This plan just contains my own observations and shall help the newcomer to get some orientation on where to find what. RSGB has published a similar plan in the January 2000 issue of RADCOM

It might seem strange to get a 2.1 kHz wide band organized, but if you start to listen to normal CW stations with a 30 Hz wide DSP filter or try to locate a very weak Slow-CW station, the knowledge of the exact frequency is very helpful. Consider, the bandwith of such a signal is only a few Hertz wide! And you may find more than one station within a very small band segment (see spectrogams).
Additions and comments are welcome!
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