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Teletron LWF45

October 30, I bought a nice boat-anchor on the Interradio in Hannover: A dedicated longwave receiver made by Teletron back in 1969, called LWF45 with a weight of 23 kg! It has two ranges, one between 40 and 80 and another one between 80 and 160 kHz. It was used some 30 years ago by the German Weather Service to receive weather RTTY and FAX transmissions. It has a build-in RTTY converter with an oscilloscope. Dick, PA0SE, has some more details.

I bought this unit for 100.- DM, including a build-in crystal channel for 136.500 KHz. I have seen a couple of more of these receivers on fleemarkets at prices between 100 and 250 DM. The receiver is also available at Rainer-Foertig Elektronik.

The receiver has four different bandwidths of +/-200 Hz, +/-425 Hz, +/-750 Hz, +/-1250 Hz, which is  a little bid wide for most of our purposes. Therefore I make use only of the pre-selector section of this unit, which is equipped with two tubes EF93 and has four tunable circuits. For details on the curve see the graph below.

With the output of this preselector I feed my M62 level meter.




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