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Finbar's (EI0CF) Dream

Just thought I'd bring you up to date on the possibility of working EI to OK.

The riggers are just  finishing off my new 300 metre tower ( with top loading ), only problem will be adding some series capacitance to shorten it, so I can put in the usual base loading coil and tap up for 50 ohms, the capacitor will be a one off specially ordered from the U.S.A. You were quite right about stoking up for that DX qso, the local grid cannot cope with the extra electricity demand, so the only thing was to order up a generator. Could not believe it when I was told I could not get a gene of that KVA at short notice, but they did have a steam driven one that I could have straight away. I now have a team of excellent boiler house staff and a steady supply of coal, so there should be no problems with the High Tension supply.

My wife has now got the domestic staff in line and the supply of food and lodgings are complete, however the local supermarket is having some problems keeping up with the demand and the supermarket chain's HQ are now considering building a new supply depot. Apparently there have been complaints from other parts of the county regarding low food supplies, all because demand has increased here.

A very pleasant chap from the International Copper Federation, called the other day and presented me with beautiful engraved smoking pipe and a fabulous bouquet of flowers for my wife. He told us that the price of Copper has gone through the roof. Did I mention that we laid over 80 kilometers of 10 swg  copper wire for the radial system but plan to double that as soon as we can get more staff. It's a constant juggle between staff, accomodation, food, etc, but put in context, its a small price to pay.

Until I get things just right, I will continue to experiment with my Mosfet transmitter, the  14 metre support pole holding up my twin 100 metre wire antenna, which I can get  3 amps into at maximum smoke and enjoy my new ICOM R75  receiver, with its  2  cw filters, 250 hz at 9 mhz and 500 hz at 455 khz. This rx is such a vast improvement on my LOWE HF225 or ALINCO DX70, it makes me want to say something terrible....

......I can't wait for Winter, to give it a good bash on LF and get away
from the Summertime  static and T/A.

73's   Finbar    EI0CF

p.s  really looking forward to working  OK soon.

Final Layout of Finbar's Station
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